Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Yomi sponsors children’s festival in Jurmala, Latvia

Austrumu Medicina, which distributes Anlit’s Yomi products in Latvia, was the main sponsor of the International Children’s festival RUDAGA, which took place during the summer vacation in the resort town of Jurmala.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Nutrition Journal praises Israeli food companies for innovative products

An editor from the U.S. based Nutrition Business Journal recently visited Israel to learn more about Israeli food and nutrition companies looking to expand their businesses into the United States and Europe. Admittedly coming with “few expectations”, what he saw during his visit impressed him.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Is veganism good for children?

It’s hard to imagine most kids embracing a strict vegan diet by choice, but according to an article by dietician Timi Gustafson, veganism is becoming a more popular lifestyle among adults - many of whom wish to pass on the no animal product diet to their children. Stricter than traditional vegetarianism, such a diet excludes all animals (including fish) as well as any animal byproducts, such as eggs and dairy.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Anlit expands presence in Western Europe

Anlit Advanced Nutrition Supplements is expanding its presence in the European market.

Anlit is currently in advanced negotiations with potential business partners in Scandinavia, Eastern Europe and Russia, who are interested in selling Anlit’s vitamins, minerals and dietary supplements for children under their own brand names.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

25% of kids suffer from insufficient Vitamin D levels

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have released a new report claiming that 25 percent of American children between the ages of 1 and 11 are Vitamin D deficient.

Once thought of as the “sun” vitamin, today’s kids are getting far less Vitamin D from natural sunlight than in the past as concerns about the danger of sun exposure have grown. Most doctors recommend that children spend no longer than 15 minutes in the sun today without some sort of protection. Although these recommendations will hopefully keep our kids safe from the ultra violet rays that cause skin cancer - they are negatively impacting their Vitamin D intake.

In recent years, a slew of studies has shown that Vitamin D is important to our immune system, can help in the prevention of childhood diabetes and cancer and has been linked to preventing stress fractures in adolescents. Even without using the sun as a primary source, Vitamin D is found in a number of foods including fortified milk and cheese products, tuna, salmon, eggs and fortified orange juices and cereals.

According to Andrew Calabria, M.D., pediatric endocrinologist at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, however, certain higher risk children will require additional supplementation. Those at greater risk for Vitamin D Deficiency include dark-skinned children, overweight children, and exclusively breastfed infants.

Given how easy it is to intake Vitamin D today, it is both alarming and unnecessary for a full 25% of young American kids to be deficient. Hopefully as parents become more aware of the vitamin’s importance and the various options for consuming it, we can keep our kids healthy! 

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Anlit to showcase Sambucus Nigra and Vitamin D gummy bear at Vitafoods Europe 2012

Anlit Advanced Nutrition Supplements will present new and innovative products at Vitafoods Europe 2012, which will take place May 22–24, 2012 in Geneva, Switzerland.

Anlit will showcase new and existing products at the FPE Finished Products Expo at Stand 3500. The company will present, among others, two new products aimed at improving children’s wellbeing:

 - Sambucus Nigra – The powerful antioxidants in Sambucus Nigra boost the immune system against coughs, colds, flu and bacterial and viral infections. Anlit’s delicious new pectin-based gummy bears contain highly concentrated Sambucus Nigra extract, with added rosehip extract to intensify effectiveness.

- Vitamin D – Vitamin D is critical for improving calcium absorption in the body and for maintaining healthy teeth and bones.

“Vitafoods Europe presents an excellent opportunity for Anlit to present its innovative products to European distributors who wish to sell unique products under their own brand name,” said Shai Karlinski, VP marketing at Anlit. “Drug store chains, drug and dietary supplements manufacturers and distributors are invited to get a first-hand impression of our condition-specific tasty dietary supplements which can be specifically tailored to their local needs.”

Anlit’s products can also be tasted at the FPE Tasting Bar, at which the company’s “Sweet Dreams” dairy-based supplement with lactium last year won the award for best-tasting finished product.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Fish Oil Reduces Eczema in Newborns

Pregnant women have long known about the positive effects of eating tuna and salmon during pregnancy to leverage the benefits of the Omega-3 fatty acids found in these seafood. Omega-3 is thought to be crucial to the development of certain brain functions in developing fetuses.
The advantages of eating these fish, however, have been tempered by a fear of mercury contamination, notably in tuna. Without any exact proof about the effects of either substance on fetuses, women have been left to sort out on their own whether the risks of eating the seafood are worth the benefits.

A new study out of Australia, however, has proven conclusively that women who take omega-3 supplements lower the risk of their infants developing eczema by one-third. The largest of its kind, the study examined 700 pregnant women and found mothers given fish oil capsules were three times less likely than those women who received placebo supplements to pass on eczema to their children.

The scientific hypothesis is that the omega-3 fatty acids are absorbed by the fetal cell membranes and work to reduce the presence leukotriene B4, an inflammatory substance that plays a role in producing eczema.

All mothers want their newborns to have perfect skin, and it’s hard to accept the awful looking and painful dry itchy skin that our infants sometimes develop. Although we all know that what we eat during pregnancy affects our kids, this study offers hard proof for the benefits of fish oil. That is something as parents we can definitely get behind.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Anlit teams with Axellus to launch lactose free probiotic to improve immune health of lactose intolerance children

Anlit Advanced Nutrition Supplements will add a probiotics lactose free supplement for the whole family to the line of food supplements offered in the Finnish market by Axellus Oy, a leading marketer of health supplements in Finland and part of the Nordic region’s market leader Axellus Group.

The new chewable probiotic lactose-free supplement was developed especially for the Finnish market. It will be sold in Finland under the brand name Sana-sol, which is targeted for family use.

“Lactic acid bacteria which you can eat without water is very useful for Finns when we go to the summer cottages by the lakes in summer time or when travelling abroad and defending the body against the new kind of bacteria,” said Axellus Oy’s managing director Kari Haapakorva.

The new supplement was developed by Anlit to meet the growing demand for products for those who suffer from lactose intolerance, representing some 20 percent of Finland’s population. The Finish market for probiotic products is estimated at some 20 million euro annually.

“Axellus presented us with the need to come up with lactose-free probiotic for those who suffer from lactose intolerance,” said Shai Karlinski, VP marketing at Anlit. “This is a great opportunity for us to further expand our successful partnership with Axellus and strengthen our offerings in the rapidly developing Finnish market.”

The chewable dairy free probiotic supplement promotes healthy intestinal microflora, thereby improving overall intestinal and immune health. It is delivered in white chocolate-flavored blister-pack cubes.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Vitamin D supplement linked to fewer stress fractures in teenage girls

A study published earlier this month has conclusively tied the consumption of Vitamin D to fewer stress fractures in teenage girls. This information is crucially important for young woman, who in today’s modern era, are partaking in competitive sports more than ever before and as result are incurring more serious injuries.

Specifically the study found that girls with the highest intake of vitamin D were 52 percent less likely to incur a stress fracture than those grouped with the lowest intake of the vitamin.

Notably, Dr. K Sonneville, one of the lead doctors on the study recommended that young women take a Vitamin D supplement because it is difficult to get the necessary amount solely through food.

Fortunately, Anlit’s supplements provide 400 International Units to help reach young women reach the 600 IU daily intake of Vitamin D recommended by the Institute of Medicine.

Doctors have taken note of Vitamin D’s growing importance in recent years. Dr. Daniel Green, who has studied stress fractures in adolescent athletes at the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York told Reuters Health that,

"Three or four years ago we rarely asked our patients about their vitamin D intake and rarely checked their vitamin D level. Now, that conversation is happening on a daily basis."

Although, the study could not go so far as to conclude that Vitamin D will prevent stress fractures, one thing is now perfectly clear: The benefits of Vitamin D, which were one thought to be ambiguous, are proving to be vital to health of our children. 

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Yomi vitamins and supplements coming to Poland

Anlit Advanced Nutrition Supplements trademark bear-shaped Yomi vitamins and supplements for children are coming to the Polish market.  Anlit will distribute all of its Yomi products through Polish company Laboratoria Natury, also owned by parent company Maabarot Products.

Yomi Dietary Supplement
The market for supplements continues to grow in Poland, at about 9% to 15% a year, according to PMR Publications.  The growth stems from growing interest in self-treatment options, a healthier lifestyle and herb-based products.

“The launch of Anlit’s products in Poland is in line with our strategy of further strengthening our hold in the rapidly developing Central and Eastern European market,” says Shai Karlinski, vice president of marketing at Anlit. “Demand in the Polish market is growing fast as parents are looking for high quality, tasty and easy–to-use supplements to help improve their kid’s health and nutrition.”

Anlit's products are currently distributed in 15 countries around the world. They target needs such anemia, immune system development and brain development. Supplements include ingredients such as vitamin C, iron and other unique nutritional compounds specially developed by Anlit and its partners. The Yomi line of products comes in bear-shaped chewable tablets, flavored with chocolate and vanilla.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Winter’s Vitamin D Dilemma

January is here and that means New Year’s cheer, new resolutions and of course for dwellers in the Northern Hemisphere –winter!  Some of us welcome the opportunity to dive into all of this season’s fun taking advantage of whatever Mother Nature throws our way --be it snowballs, or freshly powdered mountains.

Others of us prefer to hibernate on the couch with a cup of hot steaming cocoa and wait for the return of spring before willingly venturing outside again. Whether you are a cold weather enthusiast or more akin to a bear in a deep sleep, there is no question that in the dead of winter, we are all exposed to less sunlight, and as a result, our bodies are producing less Vitamin D.

Here’s what we know about Vitamin D and why our bodies need it stay healthy. Not only is it an essential immune system regulator - think common cold prevention, but recent studies have shown that children who are Vitamin D deficient are at risk for a number of far more serious problems.

First Lady Michelle Obama recently declared an obesity epidemic in the US, and has launched a major initiative against childhood obesity.

The latest research shows that overweight children are far more likely to suffer from Vitamin D deficiencies than their normal weight counterparts.  (Parents: skipping breakfast and drinking sodas were also strongly correlated with low levels of the vitamin). 

If that news wasn’t enough to give you pause, a new British study linked Vitamin D deficiency with increased severity and frequency of childhood asthma symptoms. Without this vitamin, our children can’t breathe—literally.

So while the sun catches up with the other side of the world, let us know how you plan take to advantage of these winter months to have fun and stay healthy.