Sunday, August 19, 2012

Nutrition Journal praises Israeli food companies for innovative products

An editor from the U.S. based Nutrition Business Journal recently visited Israel to learn more about Israeli food and nutrition companies looking to expand their businesses into the United States and Europe. Admittedly coming with “few expectations”, what he saw during his visit impressed him.

Calling Israel “small but smart”, “a bastion of bioresearch” and a “scientific haven,” he wrote that, “It was very apparent that this culture of scientific rigor also informs the country’s nutrition industry.” 

The author, Connor Link, went on to describe seven mostly advantageous traits that Israeli food and nutrition companies possess that are making them competitive on the global market.

Specifically Link praised Israeli companies for the ability to pinpoint niche products and to redefine product categories with new science. In doing so, he cited Anlit’s innovative chocolate and vanilla bear supplements in blister packs as an example of developing new products within an existing market. He also praised Anlit’s Yomi candy bear line noting that they are now the “number one kids’s supplement on the Israeli market.”

By the NBJ’s own estimates, sales of nutritional supplements in the Middle East have steadily climbed since 2000, experiencing a 2% growth since 2009. 

Link further lauded Anlit for tailoring its products to meet the needs of consumers in Eastern Europe.