Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Yomi vitamins and supplements coming to Poland

Anlit Advanced Nutrition Supplements trademark bear-shaped Yomi vitamins and supplements for children are coming to the Polish market.  Anlit will distribute all of its Yomi products through Polish company Laboratoria Natury, also owned by parent company Maabarot Products.

Yomi Dietary Supplement
The market for supplements continues to grow in Poland, at about 9% to 15% a year, according to PMR Publications.  The growth stems from growing interest in self-treatment options, a healthier lifestyle and herb-based products.

“The launch of Anlit’s products in Poland is in line with our strategy of further strengthening our hold in the rapidly developing Central and Eastern European market,” says Shai Karlinski, vice president of marketing at Anlit. “Demand in the Polish market is growing fast as parents are looking for high quality, tasty and easy–to-use supplements to help improve their kid’s health and nutrition.”

Anlit's products are currently distributed in 15 countries around the world. They target needs such anemia, immune system development and brain development. Supplements include ingredients such as vitamin C, iron and other unique nutritional compounds specially developed by Anlit and its partners. The Yomi line of products comes in bear-shaped chewable tablets, flavored with chocolate and vanilla.