Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Anlit partner with Polish company Polpharma to market vitamins for kids

Anlit's new all-natural vitamins for babies and toddlers will soon join Poland's growing market for children's dietary supplements.

Polish company Polpharma will exclusively market the children's vitamins and they will be available at pharmacies throughout Poland, according to a recently signed agreement. The vitamins, which taste good, will join Polpharma's Acidolac line of supplements for babies.

Anlit has confidence that Polpharma, through its Medana subsidiary, will successfully market and sell the vitamins, which contain no artificial flavors or colors. Polpharma's Medana unit specializes in marketing and selling vitamins and other natural supplements.

“We are convinced that Polpharma, with the firm reputation it built over the decades and its very strong presence in the dietary supplements market, offers added-value products and services," says Shai Karlinski, vice president of marketing for Anlit. "This is an important parameter in choosing a partner to market our products."

Polpharma is also excited about the marketing agreement and sees it bringing new opportunities.

“The Anlit supplement line for children presents an innovative concept in combining great taste with wellness benefits,” says Krzysztof Jakubiak, director of public relations at Polpharma. "It complements our Acidolac line for babies and enables us to target the children market as well.”

In addition to being marketed by an established supplement company, Anlit's children's line will enter an expanding market for supplements. Poland's market for supplements is growing between 12% and 15% a year, despite the economic downturn, according to a study by PMR Publications. 

The vitamins are certified kosher and do not contain preservatives.