Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Anlit launches Lactium based supplement to help children sleep better

Anlit has partnered with French company Ingredia Nutritional to launch a new supplement designed to help children sleep better at night.

The supplement, Sweet Dreams, uses a milk-based derivative called Lactium developed by Ingredia Nutritional. The supplement, in the shape of a bite-size vanilla-flavored teddy bear, is intended for children between the ages of 1 and 14.

Lactium was developed based on research showing that babies are calmer after drinking milk. Lactium is a bioactive ingredient that also encourages calmness and has been shown to help children sleep in several clinical studies during the past decade.

“Lactium can improve sleep quality and duration” says Alain Baniel, manager of research and development at Ingredia. "This is vital when it comes to children, who need long and restful sleep during their growth period."

Children often have trouble sleeping at night because of stress experienced during the day. This causes a vicious cycle because lack of sleep then contributes to more stress the following day. The Sweet Dreams supplement is meant to break that cycle, reducing stress for both children and their parents.

“Sweet Dreams is an outstanding product in a friendly delivery format designed to cope with sleeping disorders of children,” says Shai Karlinski, vice president of sales and marketing at Anlit.

“Partnering with leading functional ingredients companies worldwide like Ingredia Nutritional, using our propriety child friendly delivery system, is an integral part of our strategy," Karlinski adds.

Anlit will begin marketing the supplement to both retailers and producers of nutritional products.

Like all of Anlit's products for children, Sweet Dreams is free of sugar and preservatives.

Ingredia Nutritional is part of Ingredia S.A., a global market leader in the production of dairy ingredients.