Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Anlit – providing kids with supplements and more

Children's deficiency in vitamins and minerals can have strong negative impact on their daily functioning and long-term development. Nutritional supplements are intended to providing children with the nutritional elements that they lack.

Children, however, often dislike taking nutritional supplements because of their unpleasant taste, texture and form (like tablets and capsules that are hard to swallow).
Research shows that Children prefer products with both attractive appearance (colorful, with playful shapes and a nice package) and smooth textures (small, soft and easy to chew).

Anlit's two product families address these points perfectly: Anlit's unique Pectin gummy bear formulation range that simply melts in the child's mouth and our unique Kidi Bites chocolate-like matrix that retains high quality nutritional ingredients in a smooth and delicious format.
Anlit's products are aimed at addressing all the main health and development needs of kids. Some examples are detailed below.

The Immune System
Weakness in children's immune system can be the result of nutritional deficiency. Anlit's Zinc supplement, that is a part of our Immune product category, provides fortification to the immune system that can translate into relief from flu and cold symptoms. Another key supplement in this line contains Sambucus Nigra, a traditional remedy that was found to be a strong anti-oxidant, offered as a delicious gummy supplement.
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Brain and Cognitive Functions
Kids' healthy brain development and balanced behavior have been found to be linked, among other nutrients, to proper levels in the body of Omega-3 and Magnesium. Anlit's product line includes supplements of both these important nutrients: a Magnesium supplement and Omega-3 supplements that carry all the benefits of Omega-3 rich fish oil while skillfully removing the taste and smell that kids find so unappealing.
In the recent CPHI exhibition in Frankfurt, Anlit has launched a new Omega-3 supplement, which contains a high concentration of DHA for an even more effective treatment, while maintaining the product's excellent taste.
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Bone Health
Ninety percent of our bone mass is accumulated until the age of 18 and so ensuring children's proper bone development and health is essential for their future health as adults. Anlit's product line includes both a Calcium & Vitamin D3 supplement – important for the growth of strong bones and teeth – and also a pure Vitamin D3 supplement that supports many bodily functions including an important role in the body's ability to absorb Calcium.

And Much More
Among Anlit's nutritional supplements are additional products such as a product aimed at dealing with Iron deficiency (which leads to Anemia) and a product aimed to address Urinal Tract Infections.
With time, we shall address more child related conditions in an increasing variety of ways. Stay tuned for much more in 2014.
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