Sunday, January 26, 2014

Online Help for Eating Healthy: The Top Healthy Recipes Websites for Children

Convincing children to eat healthy can be a difficult task: children prefer the instant sweetness or salty taste that often accompanies unhealthy fast-food or candy. Preparing food at home is a highly recommended alternative to eating outside at a restaurant or at fast-food stall, but it still leaves the challenge of preparing food that is both tasty and healthy for children. Several websites offer excellent healthy recipes for kids meals, and in this article we share with you some of our favorites.


Healthy Eating for Kids Recipes and Menus
This page is part of the Eating Well website, and although it is titled "Healthy Eating for Kids Recipes and Menus", its recommendations are well suited for all ages. It offers recipes for a wide variety of meals that people are used to consume as fast food and sweets – taco, hamburger, meatballs, cookies and others – with a healthy twist. The images that accompany the page are appetizers in their own right.
Super Healthy Kids
This is a great website that explores healthy eating habits for children from a wide perspective, and besides some great recipes also includes tips for meal planning and recommendations for specific products. It is an excellent resource for turning healthy meals into a fun experience for kids.
Healthy Kids Recipes
Though not as attractive as the other two websites, this list at the BBC website offers many options for healthy meals for kids, with some original ideas as a healthy Shepherd's Pie and lentil lasagna. Each recipe is accompanied by an estimate of the time you would need to prepare it, and its nutrition value.

This youtube channel is devoted to family cooking, and while not entirely focused on healthy eating, it has its fair share of healthy recipes (search for the word "healthy" on the video page. The nice, attractive presentation of the recipes and their preparation makes surfing this channel a fun experience.

Regardless of what we choose to cook for our children, it is highly recommended to involve them in the process of food preparation from an early age. This teaches them a basic principal in healthy eating – the best food is made at home.

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