Wednesday, May 21, 2014

FPE/Vitafoods Wrap-Up: Enthusiastic Response to Anlit Product Launches

Meeting new prospects at FPE/Vitafoods
Anlit’s participation in the Finished Products Europe/Vitafoods conference was, as always, engaging and productive. We met many colleagues and learned a great deal about current and future industry trends. The conference was a great meeting place for vendors and global players in the pharmaceutical and food supplement industries and afforded us many excellent networking opportunities.

Anlit launched two new products at the conference: our new Fiber Gummy format and High EPA Omega 3 Focus product were featured at the event’s New Products Zone and Tasting Bar. The New Products Zone showcased new products launched by FPE participants. The Tasting Bar gave participants a chance to experience the taste and texture of the new products first hand. The response to both products was very positive with many visitors coming directly from the New Product Zone and Tasting Bar directly to Anlit's booth with inquiries and requests for follow-up discussions.

The new Omega 3 Focus product also drew the attention of the conference professional team that included Anlit's booth in FPE’s ‘Stay Smart’ Innovation Tour. The goal of the tour was to “improve communication and information surrounding the nutritional markets” and we were delighted to have a chance to share our products and knowledge of the latest research in a semi-formal framework.

Mrs. Sigal Tepper, Anlit’s Scientific Director, gave a seminar entitled “Putting it into Practice – Omega 3 in Kids Nutrition” on the last day of the conference. Ms. Tepper spoke of the importance of omega-3s for proper brain growth and development, in particular for children diagnosed with ADHD. The seminar had an intimate atmosphere and the audience was engaged, showing a keen interest in this important topic.

Indeed, the conference was very eventful and productive, however our work has just begun. We look forward to a fruitful year following FPE/Vitafoods conference with many new partners and projects.

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