Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Ocean Nutrition presents Anlit's omega 3 chewable fishes at FI Europe 2011 in Paris

Ocean Nutrition, a leading producer of fish oil omega 3, has presented at the Food Ingredients (FI) Europe Conference 2011 in Paris a new series of omega 3 chewable fishes for kids, developed by Anlit Advanced Nutritional Supplements.

During the conference, which took place from 29 November to1 December, Ocean Nutrition showcased the Omega 3 DHA + EPA Fishes, which are free of preservatives, gluten and trans and are packaged safely in individually sealed blisters to ensure prolonged stability. This product is the result of collaboration between Anlit and Ocean Nutrition based on Anlit's proprietary blister bear and Ocean Nutrition's omega 3 oil.

Over the three days, the FI show featured 1,200 exhibitors from 65 countries. More than 23,600 food professionals from 127 countries visited the show, making it the most attended FI exhibition to date.

Ocean Nutrition is the world’s largest Omega 3 EPA/DHA solutions provider with a pioneering approach to wellness through innovation. Headquartered in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada, the company has created the leading Research & Development platform in the industry and operates the largest privately-owned marine research and development facility in North America.